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Land For Sale By Owner in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia



Crooked Road Store

The Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail covers 253 miles of various routes across the southwest Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains including ten counties. The eastern venue starts in Rocky Mount, Virginia and continues on through Floyd, Virginia, where we are located. The Commonwealth of Virginia gives recognition with signage along this route. The focus is on the uniqueness and vitality of the region’s heritage music. Probably the best reference that is available on the Crooked Road Music Trail is “A Guide to the Crooked Road,” by Joel Wilson. It has lots of pictures, stories and articles about the venues along the trail. This book is available in many places but it is available right here in Floyd, Virginia at the County Store.


The Crooked Road starts in Franklin County, Virginia on the eastern gateway in Rocky Mount and comes up through Franklin County into Floyd County. Here in Floyd, Virginia we have two major venues: the County Store which has the Friday night jamboree and County Sales which is an internationally known bluegrass and western music distributor.


The LCF Group is located in Floyd, Virginia, right across the street from the County Store, a main venue with the Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail. We welcome you while you are on your tour to stop in here at our LCF Help Desk, located in the Village Green, here in the heart of Floyd. If you have questions about what to do while you are in the area we would be more than happy to help you out!


Bill St. Pierre, fine furniture maker is located here in Floyd, Virginia. Bill is a highly skilled furniture maker and his really nice shop is located here in Floyd, Virginia. Our Floyd Professional Center, located in the Village Green is also the gallery for Bill St. Pierre and his wonderful furniture. Come by and see this and other things in our fine gallery, we look forward to seeing you here in Floyd, Virginia.     


Karen Sewell, a wonderful artist, was born right here in Floyd County and she can really paint the beautiful landscapes of our county. We feature her artwork here in the gallery and we also have some custom work that she has done for us here on display.


Another interesting book that has a lot of information about the Crooked Road Music Trail is “Grazing Along the Crooked Road,” by Betty Skeens and Libby Bondurant published in October 2008. This book has information about places of interest and venues along the road and also recipes that have been gathered by people up and down the music trail. There is a special section here in the Floyd part of the book that LCF group owner, Gaynell Larsen contributed to. Gaynell tells about her work with the restaurant business and being in the county for many years, loving Floyd County, growing Christmas trees, also forming a foundation called the Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service. FAIRS does international goodwill work through amateur radio and does some work here in Floyd as well. The Foundation is located in our offices in the Village Green, Floyd Professional Center, operated by the LCF Group. We also have the LCF Help Desk, along with our gallery of local made furniture by Bill St. Pierre and arts and crafts by other folks. Stop by and see us when you are on the Crooked Road visiting Floyd, Virginia.


When you are visiting Floyd on your tour, be sure that you come by here at the LCF Help Desk. We are located in the heart of Floyd at the Village Green Suties 8 & 9, in the back, our offices are called the Floyd Professional Center. We can help you out with your visit here to Floyd, we can connect you with things to do and to see here in Floyd County, Virginia!    


Thanks a million. Your site is the best and very helpful. Without you we would not have been able to qualify for a loan. You are the reasons we live on a 25 acre farm and love it. We owe a wealth of gratitude to the LCF Team. Luis Garcia.

The LCF Group

It is the desire of the LCF Group to help others progress toward their dreams and ideals. We can help with personal investments, provide financial consulting, partner toward entrepreneurial goals, or assist in project development.

David, Gaynell, and Dee of the LCF Group may be contacted at P.O. Box 179, Floyd VA 24091.  Phone  540-745-2322  or e-mail land@swva.net

Land For Sale By Owner in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia

The LCF Group includes David Larsen, Gaynell Larsen, and Dee Wallace. The LCF Group offices are located in the Floyd Professional Center, Village Green, Floyd, Virginia.  We sell our own property as Land For Sale by Owner.  We are not a Realtor or Realty Company and can not sell land for other folks.   The LCF Group maintains the following web sites -  virginiamountainland.com  floydcountyvirginia.org    fairs.org  lcfarticles.com  floydfolks.org    littlefamilyfarm.com and our videos can be seen at lcfvideo.com.


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P.O. Box 179, Floyd VA 24091. Phone  540-745-2322  or e-mail land@swva.net